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Петък, 25 Май 2018

Седмичен хороскоп
20 - 27 Март 2017

Welcome back! Aries Season blasts off this Monday, March 20 as the Sun beams into your sign until April 19. After a drifty four weeks, you're back in action star mode, ready to tackle new initiatives and basically start everything fresh. Easy though! Your impulsive sign can make rash (and regrettable) decisions in the heat of the moment. You don't need to tear down EVERY structure in your life. In many cases, a "remodel" will do just fine. Need to get your skills up to snuff? Make a budget and invest in your own self-development. You, Aries, are the most valuable "natural resource" in your arsenal. Launch yourself out of your comfort zone—and into a new pay grade—with a growth-accelerating experience. Maybe it's a teacher-training retreat in India, a three-month commitment with an incredible career coach, or entrepreneurial supplies (like a production crew to help you record your own webinar, say). If finances are flowing, treat yourself to a birthday gift in the creative or soul development category like guitar lessons, a birthday trip to Berlin, or a fabric-draping workshop so you can finally make your own clothes. From wardrobe to hairstyle to business cards, it's time for your annual rebranding. Make sure your outsides and insides are sending out the same message. Style-wise, think: maximalism. There's no such thing as "too much" when Rams are running the show!

As the workweek wraps, misunderstandings abound! Get ready to explain yourself for the tenth time—and for best results, keep that exasperation off your face on Friday, when messenger Mercury, who is touring Aries from March 13 to 31, locks horns with Pluto in Capricorn and your career zone—and clashes with Jupiter in Libra and your relationship house. You thought you had expressed yourself clearly to your boss, clients and your partners-in-crime. But under these tense formations, power struggles may erupt. Careful not to make any unilateral decisions, even if you're feeling impatient. You could burn important bridges by failing to consult or consider the people who are higher up on the ladder—or standing alongside you in support.

Although you're fired up to achieve, take some time off this weekend. With the moon drifting through Pisces and your rejuvenating twelfth house, treat Saturday and Sunday like a two day (one person) retreat. Some solitude and unstructured "me time" is just what you need. Resisting the urge to pick up a project may be impossible for some Aries. In that case, devote your time to the ones you're passionate about and try to move through it at a flowy pace that allows for creative experimentation. Decluttering and spring cleaning could be a life changing undertaking. Start by tossing (or donating) anything in the "excess" category and then do a second sweep of objects that just don't make your heart sing. The weekend's lunation marks one month from February's Pisces solar eclipse, which may have already prompted an urge to purge. Finish going through those papers and piles, even burning some in a ceremonial bonfire to symbolize an energetic release. Closure and forgiveness are also themes this weekend. If you're ready to put the past behind you, write a farewell letter, but drop it in the flames instead of the mailbox. Or, set up time for a healing heart to heart as you say goodbye to a grudge you've moved past.


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